BFE in E

Last Saturday night Jared and I got picked up by Sharon in an uber at two in the morning. Staying out until two when your 40 is the equivalent of six in the morning when your twenty. So, yeah….

“Thanks for coming way out here,” I said.

“You welcome,” Sharon said. “I ain’t never been out here befo.”

‘Yeah,” Jarod said. “It’s pretty much BFE.”

“You right ’bout that,” Sharon said. “No lights or nothin.”

“It’s funny,” I said. “The other day I forgot what the ‘E’ stands for.”

“Yeah, Egypt,” Jarod said.

“Mmmmmm hhhmmm,” Sharon said. “My friend Ruthie used to say ‘Bum Fuck Egypt.”

Jarod and I laughed.

“Ruth Carlin,” Sharon said. “I called her Ruthie. She always said it that way, without the -bull. Just Bum Fuck Egypt.”

Her voice went up an octave: “‘What ya’ doin’ way out there in Bum Fuck Eygpt!’ That’s what she would say all right. Ruthie. Crack me up.”

“I wonder what they say in Egypt?” I asked.

“Maybe they say Bumble Fuck America?” Jarod said. “That’s a funny thought.”

We got back to street lights. Sharon told us about how at an Ice Cube concert that night at the fairgrounds, a man they wouldn’t let in shot a gun in the air and was shot by police.

“Don’t know why that man gotta go do somethin’ like that,” Sharon said. “Ruin everybody’s fun because he got a problem.”

It all comes down to perspective I thought, as we pulled into my driveway, whether you’re 20, 40, or in BFA.







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