No room for cream— the admiration is enough

If you— and by you, I’m referring to the confused plumber in Alaska that reads this blog— are wondering why I don’t post more, it’s because I’m currently revising a novel. Truth is, I haven’t really told many people that I’ve written a novel and get sort of embarrassed when people that know I’m writing ask, “How’s the book going?”

I won’t go into it. Rather, I would like to share how I’ve changed my tune and now tell every single person I meet that I’ve written a novel. I’ve noticed that Starbucks baristas are particularly impressed.
Here is a conversation from this morning:
Barista: What can I get for you?
Me: Well, since I am a novelist, I guess I’ll have an iced coffee.
Barista: Okay…. Any room for cream or sweetener?
Me: If I was a short story writer, I might, but I’m a novelist.
Barista: Your name?
Me: My real name or my pen name?
So yeah. Pretty impressed.

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