From the Faucet Blog Inbox

It’s nice to hear from my audience from time to time. If you read a post on my blog that makes you laugh or lightens your mood, let me know about it at

This week it’s time to dive into my inbox and get some all important feedback from the readers of my Humor Faucet blog.

Peter from Georgia writes:

Dear Faucet Blog,

My neighbor told me to order some faucet cartridges for all the showers in my house, and to pretend to be the original owner of my house in order to get the lifetime warranty. He said they’re going to go out at any moment and I will have to shut off the water to my house. Can you tell me what a faucet cartridge is? Also, is this unethical? I am not the original owner of my house.



My Response


Clearly you haven’t read much of my blog. If you had, you would know that I use the faucet as a metaphor for keeping your sense of humor alive. As far as your cartridge problem, I can’t really give you any direction regarding your own ethical standards. All the same, I hope you get your situation resolved because a cold shower might do you some good. I know they help me.



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