Latest MFA Rankings Are In

The latest MFA rankings are in, complete with a surprise that caught all the experts off guard.

(I’m referring to my now seven-year-old daughter Mia’s Favorite Animal rankings— not to be confused with other popular MFA rankings, like the Most Fanciest Aardvark, real big in certain parts of the USA.)

Let’s get to it.

It’s no surprise that HORSES, as a result of her new riding lessons, have taken over the top spot, knocking PEACOCKS to number two. The real surprise, the big doozy, the one that caught everyone off guard, is the new animal now holding the three spot.


That’s right folks. No one saw it coming. Some experts say it’s a result of the moth that was in the bathroom for three days that Mia wanted to adopt. Others claim it’s the dark moth that scared her in the garage one recent Saturday morning. There’s even some arguing it might have to do with a moth on the screen door weeks ago…

DOGS and CATS round out the top five, which everyone predicted.

Either way, the new MFA rankings prove one thing without a doubt: the experts aren’t always right.

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