Leaky Thought #2: North Wydokana

This is my third year writing the Faucet blog and, (bit of a brag here) I’ve had dozens of views. That’s, ahem, dozens with a “D”. And, for the most part, I’ve avoided politics or rants. I realize I may lose a slice of my vast audience with this one, but today I was in a store and saw a bunch of people walking around without masks. This despite (or, more accurately put, in spite of) the reinstated statewide indoor mask mandate, the rising COVID cases, the Omicron variant, the potential for more variants, etc. What can you do? I pushed my cart on down the aisle and had this leaky thought.

Maybe the naked faces are right. Maybe the experts and scientists are overreaching. Maybe the freedom to NOT wear a mask and NOT get vaccinated is being trampled with an overabundance of caution. Maybe so. What we need is a way to find out. So what if we had a state just for that? I mean we have fifty. Seems like we could spare one and do a trial. All the maskless, all the nose-thumbers-at-the-vacciners, they could all go there and do what they want, and let things fall how they will.

But which state? That’s the rub. (And I do NOT want to lose my dedicated readership in Idaho- GO VANDALS!) Every state has its own virtues, so how ’bout we take a nice slice of land, a big hunk of mostly empty space, and for the next couple of years anyone that’s tired of using masks indoors to cover up their horrible coffee breath can go there, just until the corona virus is more or less not a threat.

Want to go maskless indoors this winter? Don’t believe in vaccines? Head on over to North Wydokana. (State slogan pending, probably something about sneezing into masks…Where You Can Sneeze In The Breeze (?))

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