Two Stuck Cups!

Our two Zak! cups are stuck!

We cannot use them, yuck yuck yuck!

Mommy puts them by the sink!

We cannot use our hands to drink!

Daddy tries to pull pull pull!

He is strong like a bull!

Will our two Zak! cups come unstuck?

Daddy says a word that sounds like duck!

Our two Zak! cups are still stuck!

We cannot use them yuck yuck yuck!

Daddy tries to twist and yank!

He uses his elbow like a crank!

Daddy’s hand gets an owie!

We can’t drink from our Zak! cups nowie!

Next morning none of the cups are clean!

But Daddy has knowledge of simple machines!

Our Daddy is so clever!

He uses silverware as levers!

Forks and spoons fly from the drawer!

Spatulas and tongs both hit the floor!

Daddy’s hurts his hand and yells ow!

We drink from bowls like kittens, meow!

Mommy ignores the cups by the sink!

What we will use for lunch to drink?

Daddy and Mommy make a bet!

Daddy goes on the internet!

He puts ice in the top cup!

He fills another cup with hot water, all the way up!

Will our two Zak! cups ever come unstuck?

Daddy burns his hand and says that word that sounds like duck!

Now comes the moment of truth, time to test!

Daddy pulls the top cup loose, and makes a big mess!

Everyone shout hurray!

Daddy is the hero for the day!

We can drink our milk, what luck!

With our Zak! cups unstuck!

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