The Drip Drip Drip Has Started Again

Hard to believe, but this is my fourth year posting short humor on the Faucet blog. I will now insert a space to allow the shock to settle in for those readers unaware that the purpose of this site is humor, chuckles, even an occasional guffaw.

Also, for those unfamiliar with the history of my site, I happened into the Faucet blog when a plumber friend of mine named Joe (not the conservative activist) had to retire from both his profession and his acclaimed plumbing blog, due to an unfortunate and persistent dripping in his mind. (The origin of the dripping, it turns out, stems from a shower head incident.)

I recently spoke with Joe’s wife, Helen, a darling woman with a brownie recipe that is out of this world. She reported that earlier this month, the dripping inside Joe’s head suddenly went away. He woke up one morning and it was gone. Instead, he heard birds singing. I believe it was a Wednesday.

He felt so good that they decided to visit their “other” grandchildren in Florida. Sadly, these grandchildren are obsessed with the movie Encanto. You guessed it. He heard the song “Surface Pressure,” with the catchy but in this case unfortunate phrase “drip drip drip that will never stop” and the dripping in Joe’s mind, I’m sorry to report, resumed on the spot. He was so disconsolate, Helen said, that he didn’t even finish his brownie. That tells you something.

The silver lining is that for the foreseeable future, I will continue with my fourth year posting humor on the Faucet blog. Helen is optimistic that if Joe can avoid hearing the Encanto soundtrack, that perhaps the dripping might shut off again. That would mean that Joe could resume working, and presumably, his well-received blog.

With the popularity of “Surface Pressure,” that doesn’t appear likely any time soon. For Joe, his family, and his loyal readers that continually email me with plumbing inquiries, I offer my condolences.

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