Good night sweet Faucet

After almost four years, 87 posts, and one thousand and eighty-four views (but who’s counting?), it’s time to say good night to my faucet blog.

Did the imaginary plumber (who wrote an imaginary faucet blog that I pretended to take over), an ordinary, everyday plumber that existed in my imagination, did he stop hearing the incessant imaginary drips in his imaginary head, make-believe drops that drove pretend him pretend insane? A small but ceaseless theoretical noise that kept him from writing a fictitious blog? And now, with the return of his imaginary sanity, this imaginary plumber has come to rightfully claim this imaginary blog, the one I’ve usurped, in my imagination???

No. At least, I don’t think so.

The truth is, I’ve decided, for now, to no longer give away my writing for free— that and to consider the use of more, at least not less, commas. I know, it’s a tenuous proposition.

I have a debut collection of humor writing coming out soon. Check it out at my fancy new website

Someday, I hope to start up another Humor Faucet. A better one, that includes more writers that are funny and are tired of getting rejected by McSweeney’s and The New Yorker. (There’s a strong probability that I will NOT include insane, fanciful plumbers.)

Until that day comes, keep the humor flowing. Good night sweet Faucet.

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