This spring I will be dipping my toe into the world of self-publishing, releasing a collection of short humor. I will release a publishing date as soon as I figure out which toe I plan to dip in. I’m thinking big toe, but maybe that’s too obvious?


I’ve been going through a little dry spell as far as getting published goes, so I started singing the following words of a great American songwriter (Beck) before pressing submit: I’m a driver, I’m a winner, things are going to change, I can feel it.

Sure enough: looking forward to being featured this summer in Die Laughing: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries, A project of Mystery Weekly Magazine.


Master’s week. When you get tired of perfect shots on perfectly manicured fairways, check out what might be the only apocalyptic sci-fi story that uses Augusta National (sort of) as a setting:


In April Defenestration will publish my first ever play titled “Humanize Maybe.” Besides being a cool site for humor, they’ve got a great name that means “the act of throwing someone out of a window.” So the next time you throw someone out of a window, you’ll know just the word to use when you tell people about it. You’re welcome.