This month Defenestration will publish my first ever play titled “Humanize Maybe.” Besides being a cool site for humor, they’ve got a great name that means “the act of throwing someone out of a window.” So the next time you throw someone out of a window, you’ll know just the word to use when you tell people about it. You’re welcome.

In addition to continuing to submit short pieces (The New Yorker just personally rejected me, saying “despite the evident merit….” I mean, rejection just doesn’t get any better than that for a writer.) this year I will continue to explore publishing opportunities for three works:

“When The Sun Was In Tune” A novel about a town that bans rock and roll.

“Nine Under Par” A collection of stories featuring a pro that has lost his faith, a father and son coping with the loss of a wife and mother, and a failed comedian turned golf course arsonist. (2020 publication or bust!)

“No Vacancy On The Fire Escape” A collection of short humor writing a lá the Faucet.